Heatwave Singer Johnnie Wilder Jr. Dies at 56

Johnnie Wilder Junior, the lead singer of the 1970s and 1980s R&B band Heatwave has died. He was 56.

Wilder's daughter Carla Hawkins says her father died in his sleep Saturday at his home in Clayton, about ten miles northwest of Dayton.

Wilder founded Heatwave with his brother Keith Wilder. The band, best known for the hit "Always and Forever," was nominated for two Grammy awards.

In February 1976 a van struck Wilder's car, paralyzing him from the neck down and hospitalizing him for a year.

He later recorded other albums with the group and launched a gospel career.

Wilder is survived by his daughter and his wife Rosalyn, as well as his four brothers.

Funeral services will be held Friday in Dayton.