Heather Mills McCartney says rumors that she has a romantic relationship with her personal trainer are false, and that she'll never remarry after her four-year union with Paul McCartney fell apart.

Mills McCartney, 38, and ex-Beatle McCartney, 64, announced their separation in May and began divorce proceedings in July. They have a 3-year-old daughter, Beatrice.

"I haven't got a lover," Mills McCartney told "Extra" in an interview to be aired Monday and Tuesday. "At the moment, I'm focusing on my daughter."

Tabloid newspapers and celebrity-gossip Web sites have speculated that Mills McCartney had become romantic with trainer Ben Amigoni.

Mills McCartney says she has received much public support since the separation, with some people hugging her in the street. She said: "I didn't know that many people cared. You get to know who your friends are and I haven't lost any friends."

Mills McCartney didn't comment on her divorce. But she said public perceptions that she was a "gold digger" were misguided. She said 85 percent of her income went to her charity and that she fell in love for the right reason. "I fell in love unconditionally," she said.

Mills McCartney touted her vegan diet, which she said was behind her recent weight loss. When asked what projects she had been working on recently, she said: "What I've been developing is a vegan fast food chain and vegan food markets."