Health Officials Say 51-Pound 5-Year-Old Is 'Fat'

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A five-year-old girl weighing 51 pounds was branded overweight and at risk of heart disease and cancer by British health officials, The Sun reported Friday.

Lucy Davis was also said to be vulnerable to high blood pressure, even though she loves sports and is in good shape.

Her mother Susan Davis, 38, was furious when her daughter brought the letter home from school following a test done as part of a U.K. government campaign to tackle child obesity.

The letter stated that "the results (of the test) suggest your child is overweight" and warned that Lucy's health might be at risk.

In fact, Lucy is the same size as all her friends and at 3-feet, 9-inches tall, she does not look overweight.

"I couldn't believe what I was reading," her mother said.

"Lucy is not fat in the slightest and shouldn't even be thinking about her weight.

"I want her running around playing and having fun, not worrying about what she looks like.

"She is a healthy girl who gets lots of exercise. She's always on the go. She said, 'I'm not fat, am I?' I told her, 'Of course not, you're perfect.'"

Dr. Adrian Dawson, director of public health at the local authority which carried out the tests, stressed that results were sent to parents, not children.

"If children are overweight, it will cause problems as they grow older and we need to tackle this," she said.