Health Care's Fine Print Fallout

Umm, problem: About those kids with prior medical conditions all being covered under health care now? One tiny correction: not all kids and not all conditions.

It turns out they rushed that one out before they checked the fine print out, which is really surprising since Democratic leaders insisted they weren't rushing anything out; that was just Republicans trying to do this reform in.

Democrats insisting throughout this wasn't a rush job, this was a thorough job: Thoroughly vetted, thoroughly debated for the better part of a year. That's why they didn't want to scrap it and start over. This thing was meticulously crafted and fine-tuned from the start. An epic not only crafted over months but, to hear Nancy Pelosi tell it, over years — years — of lessons and prior attempts.

Nothing rammed; Republicans just refused to read. Maybe so, but apparently Republicans weren't alone.

The bill's Democratic authors shocked to learn today that not only that thing about not all kids being covered, but not all regulations being included or all drug discounts being ready.

Not all drugs are? Not all regulations are? Not all kids are?

Such things happen when you rush something you say you aren't and fail to thoroughly vet things when you swear you are.

That's when you discover the rush job you insisted you weren't selling is just another snow job no one in this country is missing — no one.

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