Have You Hugged a Corporation Today?

If you're like me, you hate evil corporations — mainly because they're rich, they have nicer cars, sleep in fluffy beds and for breakfast they feast on the tender limbs of malnourished children… usually folded into egg-white omelets.

But the reality is corporations are nothing more than large groups of people — like fraternities. But they make heap-loads of money and without them we'd all be dead.

On his blog, economics professor Mark J. Perry points this out brilliantly — that while we obsess over corporate profits, no one gives them credit for the massive taxes they pay to keep our country afloat.

Exxon paid $30 billion last year in taxes, which is as much, annually, as the bottom 50 percent of individual taxpayers. We're talking 65,000,000 people — and one, if you count Bill.

And did you know that the tax rate for the bottom 50 percent is only 3 percent? Meanwhile, for Exxon it's 41 percent.

So, in reality, it's not the corporations who've been getting a free ride, it's the poor!

Isn't it time we stopped beating up on corporations and started loving them? For my part, I offer to attend any corporate retreat that involves scream therapy and wearing culottes.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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