Have you ever felt like saying, the hell with it! You just give up.

Go ahead and legalize drugs; we're not winning the war.

Go ahead and spend money like it's going out of style; we can't stop it.

Go ahead and let Iran go nuclear; why keep going nuts over it?

Think about each and every one of those. What happens when we just say, "The hell with it"? What happens when we quit? When we can't take it anymore?

Like the dieter who says, I can't do this; so he doesn't.

Or the AA member who says, just one more drink; and he does?

What happens when we stop trying to stop ourselves from hurting ourselves? When we say it's too hard, it’s too tough, it is too much? When we can't deal with the grief over the long haul, so we quit hauling. We surrender?

I'm sure President Obama will never say he quit or gave up or surrendered, when he told the world today it's OK for Iran to use "peaceful" nuclear power.

I'm sure he felt maybe we were beating our head against a wall that didn't move, even as the nut behind it did.

I'm sure he felt the need to do something different, something bold — anything bold — something unexpected — anything unexpected.

So rather than show Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a club, President Obama invited him into one — an elite club, a "nuclear power" club. But a club that comes with an easy automatic upgrade to something called a "nuclear weapon" club. Not an easy leap, but not a huge leap either.

A leap of faith for the president offering it; a leap of God knows what for the nut no doubt eager to accept it.

It's like we suddenly quit the fight. Even as the guy accepting the offer is now just getting geared up for one. Not with our objections. Today, with something else: our blessings.

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