Have the Guts to Keep Your Word

When is a tax hike not a tax hike? Apparently when Washington says it isn't a tax hike.

But let's be clear here. If you're aiming to roll back a tax cut, that's a tax hike.

Forgive my provincial view but throwing out some of the president's tax cuts down the road is just as good as raising them.

Why? Because left alone, your taxes should be going down. Changed, they will go up. It's that simple.

So why don't some people see it that way?

People like Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe. He tells me it's just revisiting a tax cut that was too big. Who cares? Now, it's law. If you change the law, and cut the cut, you'll hike the tax.

So let's cut the crap and cut to the chase. Tax cuts promised and given, should be tax cuts administered and cleared. I'm naive enough to think that Congress should stand by what it does. And I'm stupid enough to think they feel the same way.

It's like friends. You stick with them because they're worth it. Tax cuts are the same way. It's like your word. Stick with it because we're worth it.

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