Hat's Off to Bill Maher

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I don't agree with Bill Maher about much. In fact, his "Bush Derangement Syndrome" is so bad I'd probably double-check if he said the sky was blue.

However, on his HBO show Maher did something worth applause, and I'm going on record now to say he's right and hope it proves to at least a few liberals out there that I don't reject each and every thing a liberal might say.

Maher has in the past publicly rejected the lunatic notions of the 9/11 truthers, a ragtag army of conspiratorialists who won't take Usama bin Laden at his word and insist that George W. Bush was in fact the terrorist behind the 9/11 attacks. Maher is right when he tells 9/11 truthers that they have gone too far, and they are out of their minds.

That has earned him the enmity of 9/11 truthers, and they struck back by sneaking into his live HBO show a few days ago. They began heckling Maher with their lunacy about who is really responsible for 9/11, as if it weren't already well known and well established.

Maher then did this: (Click here to watch the clip.)

Good for Bill. I don't like it when he takes cheap shots at the war and the president. I am made terribly uncomfortable with his anti-religion slanders. But this time he was right, and he deserves credit for doing the right thing when faced with idiocy on such an important topic as the attacks against us by bin Laden and his vicious followers.

I bet next week I'll be angry or annoyed at something Maher says. But this week, it's hat's off to Bill for a job well done.

That's My Word.

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