Word is that ABC executives are stunned by the far-left hatred being directed toward that organization. Here at FOX News, we're not surprised. We deal with these kooks everyday. But it's worth examining why the far left-zealots are so angry.

Obviously the far left supports Senator Obama over Senator Clinton, and it's not unusual for people to defend their political candidates. Nothing wrong with that. So it's obvious the mainstream media has been very soft toward Obama until Wednesday, when Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos decided to ask him about his associations and his patriotism.

That's when the far-left kooks went nuts. They don't like those questions. They don't feel they're legitimate. Remember, the far left is perfectly fine with radical anti-Americans or black militants. In their eyes, they're great. So why make an issue of it?

That's why the far left is called the far left. They want a total makeover of the country. And anybody who disparages the USA is good. But for most Americans, that attitude is offensive.

As New York Times columnist David Brooks pointed out Friday, Americans want a president who reflects their values. Here's a news flash for the radical left: Rev. Jeremiah Wright does not reflect mainstream America, and the Weather Underground guy is despised in most American homes. So voters want to know what Senator Obama is doing associating with those men, and that is a legitimate question.

Now the reason President Bush defeated Al Gore and John Kerry was because voters believed he reflected their value system. It wasn't so much about policy. And this time around, it will be the same thing.

There are clear differences between John McCain and both Democratic candidates on policy, but the country is eager to know exactly who Barack Obama is. Therefore, the ABC News guys did their job. It's vital the press paint an accurate picture of exactly how the candidates view their country.

"Talking Points" likes Barack Obama. He has energized the political process. Therefore, I have some advice for him:

It is not a good thing to hang around with a guy who wanted to bomb America, this Ayers character. And Rev. Wright looks to be a con man, Senator. He's moving into a multi-million-dollar home in an affluent white neighborhood, all the while trashing rich, white people. Goes to hypocrisy, doesn't it?

The latest Gallup tracking poll says Senator Obama has lost some points nationwide. The debate may have hurt him. If he deals with the association questions straight up, he can mitigate some of that damage. If he doesn't, the controversy will rage on until November.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Many Americans disagree with Barbra Streisand politically, but few can disagree with this.

The 66-year-old singer has donated $5 million to endow a heart disease research and education program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. And for that, Ms. Streisand is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, the state of California says Al Franken, aka Stuart Smalley, owes thousands of dollars in back taxes. That should come as no surprise, since the state of New York says Smalley owes 25,000 bucks for failing to pay workman's comp.

Now, this is rich. This alleged scofflaw is running for the Senate in Minnesota, even while two states publicly proclaim him a tax dodger. What's next? Wesley Snipes running for governor of Minnesota? Franken is in the pinhead hall of fame.

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