Harrison Ford was by turns lighthearted and somber in accepting a Golden Globe Award Sunday night honoring him as "the ultimate leading man," as presenter Ben Affleck put it.

"Sit down, please. I'm too old to wait," Ford, 59, told the audience, which gave him a standing ovation as recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement.

"In anticipation of tonight, I wrote two speeches, a long one and a short one," he said. "Because I thought it might be a long evening, I'll give you the short one: 'Thank you.' But it seems like there might be enough time for the long as well, which is, 'Thank you very much.'"

The star of the Indiana Jones adventures and the original Star Wars trilogy called filmmaking a "collaborative enterprise" and credited "people who gave me the opportunities to grow and to learn" for his personal and artistic growth.

"Much of what I have learned about life I have learned in the business of making movies," Ford said.

His next film, K19: The Widowmaker, about a Soviet sub commander at the center of a Cold War crisis, is scheduled for release later this year.