'Happy Handbook' Special

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Welcome to another week and, by the way, the meter is running on Valentine's Day. I'm wondering how many of our viewers have purchased their loved ones Pajamagrams that I've seen advertised on the Channel. Personally I'm a little worried, because after the ad ran on Friday, Brian Kilmeade asked me what size I was...

Speaking of Valentine's Day, "The Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook Special" — which was to run over this past weekend — was moved due to breaking news and is now scheduled for this coming weekend. I just watched it and it's terrific. Lynne Cheney, Ann and Mitt Romney, Lisa Hartman and Clint Black and others share their ideas about what makes a happy marriage. It's based on my book, which of course is the PERFECT Valentine's Day gift for your spouse! Check it out at Amazon.com! For autographed copies, www.happyhandbook.com is the only spot on the net!

Of course, there is one final day to send us your story and photo, because late Tuesday we'll be picking viewers and their stories to include in the AstroVision screen in Times Square! Click here to check out where to send your story and photo.

See you in the morning!

Steve Doocy

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