Hans Hides: Did He Bury a Smoking Gun?

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Days away from a U.N. vote that could lead to war in Iraq, a handful of undecided Security Council members are the focus of intense lobbying by opposing camps led by the United States and France.

Top Bush administration officials worked the phones Sunday, seeking support for a March 17 ultimatum for Saddam Hussein to disarm or face war. French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin flew to Africa to persuade Angola, Guinea and Cameroon to reject the deadline.

A vote on the new resolution could come as early as Tuesday, though U.S. diplomats said they may need another day to continue seeking support.

The Security Council is bitterly divided over the newly revised draft resolution that would set the ultimatum. It is cosponsored by the United States, Britain and Spain -- and strongly opposed by France, Russia, China and Germany.

Hans hides: Did he bury a smoking gun?

A sample of your responses:

What are we waiting for?  Iraq will not change it's deception methods.  We need to get on with the defense for our nation,  I support our president and our military.  The line in the sand has been drawn. Let's go!
Martinez, GA

Perhap's Hans Blix is looking to become a Frenchman!
Saddle Brook, NJ

He is showing his true colors: YELLOW! He is a liar, he is just not doing he job.
Roy O.
Milwaukee, WI

Why is Blix hiding facts?  Putting aside what we already know about the guy such as he's a liberal weenie, probably a believer in liberation theology, and the man he used to work under says that Blix is an idiot, this recent revelation about him hiding information promoting some secret agenda has all the feel to it as the Scott Ritter situation. Many now believe the reason that Scott Ritter did a 180 on his beliefs about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is because he was being blackmailed by the Iraqis to keep quiet about his attempts to meet under aged girls over the Internet.
Mark S.
Allendale, MI

I question whether Hans is being unduly influenced by the French or simply paid by them to undermine the efforts of the USA. To heck with oil revenues from Iraq, what about Saddam's personnal fortune?
David D.

Hans Blix is about as useful as the French, he has no intention of telling the truth and should be fired and sent to France in exile. He can have them, it seems to me that the next time someone wants to take over France we should just let them, we don't need or owe the U.N. anything. It is about as useless as the League of Nations. Something should be done about Hans Blix hiding the fact that they have these other missiles that can spread gas and other poisons.

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