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Is there a homeless media bias against Republican administrations?

Thank you for including Ted Hayes in your discussion on homelessness. His opinions were very refreshing. Based on his background and appearance, it would be very difficult for a liberal democrat to dismiss his conclusions. We need more people like him to counterbalance the empty rhetoric of political correctness and the stereotypes that go along with it.

Karen D.

Both my wife and I loved Ted, a homeless advocate that finally tells truth about the political agenda of the left, what a concept, truth! You should have Ted back again, I think you would punch some big holes in the thinking of the left, and oh, by the way your research analyst did a great job as well. Thank you, we're out here watching and listening and we vote. Sorry about that, couldn't resist taking a couple of words from the leftist mantra. Thanks again for all you do.

Cal S. (Ft. Collins, CO)

Ted Hayes rocks! Please have him on again soon. It's about time the truth is told and he seems to know and speak the truth about homelessness. Finally, an advocate for the homeless without a self-serving agenda. I look forward to hearing more of what Mr. Hayes has to say.

Dell M. (Harlingen, TX)

Excellent, Excellent show tonight with your guests clearly exposing the Liberal Spin on the Homeless issue. Many nights the show is getting to feel a step above getting dental work, but tonight was very entertaining. Keep up the good work of presenting the Facts and not wallowing in the political swamp with Colmes' whimpering. Pat Halpin couldn't hold his own on the issue with his lame sentimental babble just like his performance as the incompetent Suffolk County Executive of years past. The Fox network is just what America needs to chase the Liberal army back into their underground bunkers.

John M. (Holbrook, NY)

Regarding your show of Jan 9, 02, and your story on the homeless in America: I would like to personally thank Mr Ted Hayes for his straightforward appraisal of the homeless situation and media coverage. It was, next to O'Reilly, the most concise, accurate and honest commentary I've ever heard from someone with his expertise. To Mr. Hayes, thank you sir, and God bless you.

Rich F.

I believe that tonight's segment on the homeless is the best I have ever seen on your show. Different views point, arguments about the accuracy of the number, etc.

Barbara N.

I have never seen a better show on homelessness or any other domestic problem. Ted Hayes is honest, articulate, and clearly a courageous thinker. This man should be a regular as I am certain that he could provide fresh views on any number of issues. I doubt that I would always agree with him, but I would listen!

Mark M. (Murray, KY)

What a terrific guest Ted Hayes was on Tuesday night (1/9). Factual, knowledgeable, and objective. He made more sense than the studio guest who didn't have a touch with the homeless, just statistics. Way to go Ted.

Robert R.

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