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Hank Baskett Helping Kendra Wilkinson Find God

Kendra Wilkinson is known across the world as being Hugh Hefner’s wonderfully wild former flame, but since moving out of the Playboy mansion and getting engaged to Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett, it seems Wilkinson is choosing prayers over posing.

"Hank makes her pray before meals now. His family is so religious and he really calmed her down a lot, he's good for her," Kendra’s bridesmaid and playmate Brittany Ginger told Tarts, with Kendra adding that praying is a new experience that has helped her change "for the better".

But an emotional Miss Wilkinson told us that it is because of her relationship with the men’s magazine mogul that she was able to feel confident enough in herself to go out and find the man she plans to spend the rest of her life with.

"I don’t even know how to say it, but Hef opened up doors for me — no he opened up the door for me. It was my job to make the right decisions and go about my life from there," Wilkinson told Tarts at Hef’s recent 83rd Birthday bash in Sin City, her eyes swelling with tears. "He was a father figure for me; he gave me wings and appreciated me for me. You can see the blonde/big boobs thing but he actually appreciated me for me, I always knew that about him. He gave me such happiness, having his eyes on me gave me confidence just to be me and find Hank."

And even though the 23-year-old was flooded with love for her 83-year-old ex, she confirmed that it will be brother walking her down-the-aisle on her big day despite earlier reports that Hef had been asked to do the honors.

"I’ve chosen my brother because I know that that will mean a lot to my family," she explained. "But Hef and I will definitely share a dance. Hef keeps saying to me ‘I can’t wait! I can’t wait!’ Hank and Hef really love each other and they’re really good friends now. Hef is really looking forward to the wedding most out of any thing that's going on, it’s the big topic around the whole mansion and the family."

The nuptials are set for June 27th and will be only the second wedding in history to take place at the iconic Playboy mansion (Hef and ex-wife Kimberly Conrad tied-the-knot there in 1989). But the busty blonde wanted to set the record straight about one little thing. …

"There will be no nudity! No body painted girls or bunnies or anything like that. This is a Playboy mansion wedding, not a Playboy mansion party," she said, but Baskett quickly interjected.

"No, it is a wedding," he said. "A Kendra and Hank wedding."

Miss Usa Hopefuls in Sin City Lock Down, Styled by Jessica Simpson

Last weekend, Pop Tarts caught up with a bunch of beauties all set to compete for the Miss USA crown next weekend, and even though they’re staying in Sin City it turns out that even those over the age of 21 are banned from partying or even sneaking a sip of alcohol. According to insiders, the girls are under quite the watchful eye to make sure nobody steps out-of-line as reputation of the Donald Trump-owned pageant is under extra scrutiny following Tara Conner’s wild reign as Miss USA 2006.

"It’s okay, we have a lot of activities," 24-year-old Miss Oregon Sylvie Tarpinian told Tarts at the pajama brunch at Simon at Palms Place. "We’re very busy and there is definitely a lot of fun without going out."

The winner (who will be announced on a live NBC telecast at 7 p.m. ET this Sunday) will not only get to live in a Trump Place apartment in New York City, be adorned with beautiful gifts and travel the world, but she’ll also become a national spokesperson for breast cancer awareness, a cause very close to Miss Nebraska Meagan Winings’s heart.

"The biggest hurdle has been my mother’s diagnosis with breast cancer," the 23-year-old law student said. "It strengthened me as a person to watch someone you love going through that and not being able to help them or doing anything other than just being there. She showed me what strength and faith and optimism can get you thru and she’s doing well today."

And while the competition isn’t just about looking lush, the girls are obviously making sure that their bodies are as bangin’ as can be for the bikini portion of the pageant. According to Winings, the contestants have been doing late-night workouts in their hotel room with stretch bands.

"I’ve just been trying to eat clean, getting regular exercise and being healthy. Having a good diet and taking care of yourself and being very aware of own health is what’s important," added 22-year-old Miss Virginia Maegan Phillips. "The bikini competition is actually very liberating, although it does have a negative stigma. But it's so liberating in this country to wear what you want and I feel very privileged as a young woman that I can walk in front of millions in a bikini."

Speaking of bikinis, the official swimsuit sponsor of the show for the first time ever is Jessica Simpson’s swimsuit collection — so we will know who to blame for any wardrobe malfunctions, right? Oh, and we couldn’t help but try and find out if there was any bitching going on backstage, but these girls are savvy and know who to give the consummate cookie-cutter response. ...

"Right now we’re all getting to know each other, you can only be who you are and the best that is," 26-year-old Miss New Hampshire Christy Lynn Dunn said, flashing her perfect pearly whites. "My objective is to leave with some wonderful friends. All the girls are really mature and the respect we have for each other has really been shown."

Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan Gifted Lifetime Supply Of Tattoos

Following her split from longtime lover Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan went out and got some fresh ink on her wrist — but given those rampant rumors that the actress is enduring some financial woes she can now get go under the needles as many times as she desires for the rest of her life totally free-of-charge.

"Putting a tattoo on your wrist often serves as a constant reminder for something that you've experienced. We feel deeply saddened by what has happened to her, and, if it is any consolation, we would like to provide Lindsay free tattoos for the rest of her life," owner of Manhattan-based Big Apple Tattoo, Jason Sanchez, told Tarts exclusively. "The way Lindsay was treated by Samantha and her family was uncalled for. After giving two years of her life, to be treated this way is really spiteful and mean."

Don’t feel too sorry for her — Lohan spent her weekend hopping from party to party and club to club, drowning out the sorrows with music and goodness knows what else. …

A rep for Lohan did not respond for comment about the offer.

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