Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Questioning History

A Hamas spiritual leader says teaching Palestinian children about the Holocaust amounts to a war crime.

Cleric Younis al-Astal rejects a reported U.N. proposal to include in Gaza's school curriculum information about the Nazi killing of 6 million Jews during World War II: "I do not exaggerate when I say this issue is a war crime," adding that the Holocaust teaching would be "marketing a lie and spreading it."

A senior Israeli official says such statements should make the West think twice about ending its boycott of Hamas.

No Pressure

Former Homeland security chief Tom Ridge says he did not feel pressure from the Bush administration to raise the terror alert level ahead of the 2004 presidential election.

Ridge tells the Erie Times-News that no one pressured him, but rather officials expressed an opinion that ran counter to his: "There was no pressure at all. There was a judgment call on their part and on my part."

The publisher of his new book had released a summary suggesting Ridge was pressured to change the terror threat level for political purposes. Ridge will be a guest Monday night on "Hannity" at 9 p.m. ET.

Reid All About It

The publisher of a major Las Vegas newspaper is accusing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of bullying by telling an employee of the Review-Journal that he wants the paper shut down.

Sherman Frederick calls out the Nevada Democratic senator in Sunday's paper, alleging that the remark was made during a brief exchange between Reid and the paper's advertising director last week. Frederick writes that as Reid shook the employee's hand at an event he said, "I hope you go out of business."

The publisher minced no words in his response to Reid: "Such behavior cannot go unchallenged... it must be called what it was — a full-on threat perpetrated by a bully."

Reid's office did not respond to our request for comment.

— FOX News Channel's Lanna Britt contributed to this report.