Halle Berry, Paula Abdul and Charlton Heston in The Foxlight.

Will Halle Berry have more fun as a bleach blonde? We'll know after the X-Men sequel is released. That's her new look. It's not quite right for James Bond though. She keeps her natural color for some very steamy scenes with Pierce Brosnan in the upcoming Die Another Day.

How sexy are the scenes? The director called it the "best sex of James Bond's life." But it wouldn't be Bond's first interracial 'license to thrill.' If you want to see some of the most uncomfortable foreplay and post-coital cuddling rent A View to a Kill and watch Roger Moore squirm next to Grace Jones.

Get ready for some snappy comebacks from Paula Abdul when Simon "Barinister" Cowell verbally slaps her around on American Idol. The woman Simon has dubbed a belly dancer has hired a big league comedy writer to help her slap back. Just take a real swing at him, Paula. It would probably get the biggest applause of the series.

Finally, in the Foxlight's humble opinion, Charlton Heston is going to be around a lot longer. His brave announcement was a classy move. And if he does ever leave this planet -- he'll probably greet himself at the pearly gates.