A word about fair and balanced.

A lot of people say I'm a bit too upbeat when it comes to the economy, maybe even life in general.

I'll freely admit that I'm a half full glass kind of guy. That doesn't mean I don't and won't report the bad news. What it does mean is I'll sure as heck give you the good news too. That's what fair and balanced "financial" news means to me.

So today I'd like to commend USA Today for doing the same thing. Yes, the newspaper did report on things that look bad with the economy. But it went a step further, reporting on things that look good too.

In a great cover story in its Money section, the newspaper balances out the half full and half empty arguments on how we're doing.

I loved it. While citing things like declining stock prices and soaring energy prices, the newspaper also reported declining interest rates and soaring home values.

The bad news and the good news -- that's all I'm trying to do here.

My beef with most of my colleagues is that more than a few of them love to accentuate the negative and forget about the positive.

There are good things going on in this economy.

And just like the president mentioned Tuesday in that meeting I attended with fellow economic geeks, he's an optimist about where we're headed. So am I.

Not everything's perfect, but clearly not everything's bad. We try to offer that perspective in broadcasting. I was delighted to see USA Today doing the same thing in print.

Who says I'm not contagious?

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