Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Smith, The Agency and Star Wars in a force we call The Foxlight.

Gwyneth says she isn't an ice princess. That's why she made Shallow Hal. Her mom was worried that the Farrlley brothers, who made There's Something About Mary, would make her daughter do something unladylike. Gwyneth says she escaped unscathed. And she says she wouldn't have done it if it was just about fat jokes. She says it's a love letter to fat people.

Will Smith is taking this "I am the greatest" business to extremes. Now, he says he's a "sexual machine" since he got in such good shape to play Muhammad Ali in the movie, Ali. Smith tells Premiere magazine he's "raring to go every second of the day." He says he's "human Viagra" "Will-agra." Jada? No comment? Maybe she's too tired.

CBS has decided the time is right for The Agency to go ahead with that episode about anthrax. It'll air this Thursday night. The episode had been pulled earlier in the season. In it, the CIA finds out about a terrorist plot to attack Washington with anthrax.

And finally, that trailer for the new Star Wars movie doesn't have any dialogue, just heavy breathing. It's probably George Lucas anticipating the opening weekend grosses.