Guy Gifts

Having trouble deciding on the perfect gifts for the guys in your life? The people at Glamour magazine want to help you out. They polled 1,600 men on what their dream gift would be this holiday. Here were the big hits:

• Tickets to a sporting event
• DVD or DVD Sets
• iPod
• Watch

Gifts you want to avoid:
• Scarf
• Bathrobe
• Tickets to the play
• Wallet

Visit Glamour magazine online at http://www.glamour.com/sexmen/articles/2006/10/30/coupletime06dec for more “Guy Gift” guidance.

Blind Bills

Have you ever wondered how blind people are able to distinguish between a $1 bill and a $100 bill? Well, they have to rely on the honesty of others. Now the American Council of the Blind has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Treasury Department, saying the current U.S. currency discriminates against the blind. The Council has suggested the Treasury Department revamp U.S. currency with changes which will help the blind be able to differentiate the bills without assistance. Proposed changes are features such as adding embossed dots and raised printing on the bills to different size bills for different denominations. This sounds like a great idea, but some are worried that it will cost the U.S. Government a pretty penny to mint the new bills.

Online Discounts

If you are looking for the websites that Dagen McDowell mentioned on my show today, visit my website www.hillfriends.com.

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Dr. Manny will be on to give us four tips on how to avoid getting blitzed at upcoming holiday parties.


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