Gutfeld: Moe Tucker Tea Parties

So Moe Tucker is a tea partier.

If you don't know her, she was the drummer for the hippest band EVER, the Velvet Underground -- home to Lou Reed, Nico and John Cale. An inspiration to druggies and slackers, no band was cooler, and every group you hear NOW ripped them off.

But Holy crap - blogs have NOW found out that Moe hit a Tea Party rally last April, where she railed against the administration.

“I’m furious about the way we’re being led toward socialism, I’m furious about the incredible waste of money, when that we really need and are important get dropped because there is no money left”, Tucker says.

So what happens when the coolest cucumber thumbs her nose at the vintage tee-shirt wearing, status quo left?

Whining. And lots of it.

Here are some choice laments from wistful bloggers.

I was really really heartbroken cause I love her solo albums and had always interpreted the lyrics to be fairly liberal. I am spending the day in mourning for Moe.

I wouldn't put it past Wal-Mart to put an additive in the employee's water fountains that turns them into tea-partiers

Lots of working stiffs are Tea Party members, more fools they, so if indeed it's Tucker she's just getting shafted by a new boss now.

I still love Moe. I can only hope that she, like so many others, are being misled into voting against their own interests. Love you Moe; don't be fooled.

Poor things.

Apparently these bozos can't be happy unless every single pop legend or rock star shares their predictable worldview. But this ostracism is driven not by coolness - instead it's a sheep mentality-- something real rebels always mock.

But there's a bigger message here: what does it mean when a member of the most naturally subversive band of the last forty years, shows up at the most naturally subversive movement in recent memory? Given the shocked reaction, you realize where true rebellion lives.

It's wherever Moe's at.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist, homophobic melophobe.

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