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Monday, Sept. 19

President Bill Clinton is leveling some harsh criticism at the Bush administration over its handling of Hurricane Katrina. Plus, former Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry is also speaking out. What's really going on here? We'll debate it with radio talk show host Michael Reagan and former Clinton pollster Doug Shoen.

Then, speaking of storms... we'll have the latest on Hurricane Rita as it takes aim at extreme Southwest Florida and possibly heads towards Texas!

Also, the mayor of New Orleans wants residents of some of the city's neighborhoods to come back home but the head of the federal government's relief efforts is urging caution and even President Bush, who addressed the nation from the Crescent City last week, says it may be too early to move back to the city. What's the wisest course and why can't officials agree on a plan?

Plus, why is Louis Farrakhan charging that FEMA and the Red Cross are "too white"? And what does he mean by that anyway?

And later, is some of the Katrina relief money being spent on such things as strip clubs and other items that it was never intended for? Who's watching the relief money? Radio talk show host and author of "The Fair Tax Book" Neal Boortz joins the debate!

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