Guests and Topics: October 27

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Wednesday, October 27:

A soldier who was at the now controvesial weapons facility in Iraq says he didn't see any explosives when he was there... We'll have an exclusive interview with Ken Dixon from the 101st Airborne's Second Brigade, Delta Company 503.

Plus, how has this issue affected the campaign? Will this help or hurt both candidates? And we'll show you a new ad from the Kerry campaign attacking President Bush over the issue.

Then, who has the momentum with less than a week left to go in the campaign? We'll ask our FOX News political analyst, author of the new book "Because He Could"  and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris to join the debate this evening!

Also, we'll take a look at new poll numbers from the swing states when radio talk show host Laura Ingraham and Democratic strategist Steve Murphy sit down with Sean and Alan.

Finally, is there a new tape of an Al Qaeda terror warning timed for the November 2 election? We'll have the details on this developing story.

These stories and much, much more!

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