Guests and Topics: October 25

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Monday, October 25:

In his interview with Sean, which took place in St. Petersburg, Florida, the president declares that “whether or not we can be ever fully safe is…up in the air.”

The President also tells Sean the following:

•  That terrorist groups have hijacked their religion to justify their killing
•  Afghanistan is a society that has gone from darkness to light because freedom is on the march
•  That a person in public life should never try to impose religion on anybody and that faith is a personal matter.

Other topics the President addresses in this wide-ranging interview include Democratic Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry’s tax plans, social security plans, attacks on him from prominent democrats; Teresa Heinz Kerry’s comments about Laura Bush and Kerry’s remark about Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter Mary Cheney, his pledge not to bring back the draft during his presidency and his thoughts on the three presidential debates.

After the interview, we'll also bring you a Democratic response to the president's comments and FOX News political analyst and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris will also join us with his reaction.

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