Guests and Topics: October 24

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The Beltway Sniper's three-week murder spree has apparently ended with the arrest of a former military marksman who received an expert badge with an M-16 rifle.

Police swooped down and arrested the man and a teenage companion, reported to be his stepson, at a Maryland rest stop Thursday morning.

Officials said they were certain the pair were responsible for killing 10 people and wounding three others since Oct. 2. John Allen Muhammad, 41, and John Lee Malvo, 17, were captured at 3:19 a.m., just a few hours after a warrant had been issued for their arrest.

Muhammad was arrested on a federal weapons charge and Malvo was being held as a material witness, law enforcement sources told Fox News. Prosecutors said they planned to meet Friday to discuss future charges.

Police found a gun, a scope and a tripod in the car, and a law enforcement source said the gun appeared to have the same caliber as the one used in the Beltway shootings. Police were awaiting ballistics tests on the gun.

Weighing in on the latest in the case:

Michael Baden, forensic pathologist

Dr. Henry Lee, forensic psychologist

Mark Fuhrman, former LAPD detective

David Kaczynski, turned in his brother, the serial killer Unabomber

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