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Thursday, October 13:

The controversy continues over Harriet Miers and her evangelical Christian beliefs. She is clearly a woman of faith, but will that be enough to garner the support she needs to be confirmed by the Senate? We'll ask "Morning in America" host and former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett when he joins the debate tonight!

Plus, more controversy over the New Orleans police officers caught on tape beating a man last Saturday. A spokeman for the officers insist they didn't do anything wrong and that they will be vindicated in court. What does Frank DeSalvo the attorney for the police officers have to say in their defense? We'll ask him!

And later, still more controversy -- this time over White House political adviser Karl Rove and his possible role in the CIA leak investigation. Now Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (D) says if Rove is linked to the link of a covert CIA operative's name, he should step down. We'll talk more about the leak investigation with Byron York, White House correspondent for The National Review and Democratic strategist and former Dick Gephardt campaign manager Steve Murphy.

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