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November 28:

Campus harassment! A professor who vowed to intimidate "right wing" campus groups loses his job. Now the student at the center of the controversy speaks out on "Hannity and Colmes." Rebecca Beach, the Warren County Community College student joins us live.

Illegal immigration is a bigger subject than ever these days. Polling shows that more than 50 percent of Americans say the president is doing a good job on homeland security, but can President Bush’s new strategy for border security and a two-day trip through Arizona and Texas boost his overall low job approval rating? We’ll ask Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar and Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King, who’s in favor of building a fence all across the border.

And the trial of Saddam Hussein resumed Monday with the former Iraqi president trying to take command of the courtroom and angrily complaining about being shackled and mistreated by "occupiers and invaders." For a closer look at what’s ahead in the trial we’ll talk with former U.N. prosecutor Peggy Kuo and retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis.

Then, the former gang leader and convicted murderer Tookie Williams will be executed this month, but not if Hollywood stars can stop it. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will hold a clemency hearing, but has Hollywood forgotten what he did? We’ll have debate with Lynne Coffin, the president of California Attorneys for Criminal Justice and Nina Salarno Ashford, Crime Victims United of California.

Plus, don’t miss the dramatic home video of Cuban migrants rescued at sea off the coast of Florida… we’ll show it to you tonight!

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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