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November 23:

The war of words over Iraq continues to heat up on Capitol Hill and around the country. Is the fighting just going to get worse? We'll ask former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro.

Will building a fence along the U.S.-Mexico border solve our immigration problems? And will it really keep illegals out of our country? Colin Hanna, of weneedafence.com, explains why a state-of-the-art border fence will help our national security issues.

And, PETA’s Bruce Friedrich gives the top ten reasons to go gobble-free this Thanksgiving!

Plus, country music sensation Martina McBride!

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Thursday, November 24: Best of H&C
First, Sean goes one-on-one with radio legend Rush Limbaugh. You won’t believe how much ground they cover in just one show! Don’t miss the rare interview everyone’s talking about!

Then, former presidential candidate John Kerry tells Alan about his plans to bring the troops home from Iraq. Does he still want to be president? It’s an H&C exclusive!

And, is Lynne Cheney gearing up for another political campaign? The second lady of the United States talks about life with the vice president, and manages to get a history lesson in there, too.

Also, you’ll meet a former U.S. Marine who left the service and went to work for the Arab network Al-Jazeera. Josh Rushing joins the show with his unique story.

Plus, don’t miss an in-studio performance by legendary country music duo Montgomery Gentry!

Friday, November 25: Border Crisis
Over the past year we’ve been reporting extensively about illegal immigrants crossing our borders and the threat they pose to our country. Tonight, we’ll bring you a special hour-long program focusing on the problems at our country’s borders.

First up, who’s monitoring the border crisis from our nation’s capitol? We’ll ask Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff about his plans to make our borders safe and what he plans to do about illegal immigration.

Then, will immigration reform be a top priority for Congress in the New Year? Majority leader Bill Frist gives us his plan.

And, just how difficult is it to keep the border secure? We’ll introduce you to the men and women charged with that tall order and show you first hand the hard work it takes to keep our borders safe. Meet U.S. Border Patrol Chief David Aguilar.

Then, join Sean as he rides along the coast off of San Diego with the Border Patrol's Marine Interdiction Unit. And, he’ll show you how smugglers try to out-run law authorities on the open water. It’s exclusive video you’ll only see on H&C!

Plus, we’ll introduce you to the widow of slain LAPD officer David March, who was shot and killed by a criminal who was in the country illegally. Hear her riveting story and why she believes her husband would still be alive today if immigration laws were enforced.

Also, we’ll see if our 2002 interview with Mexican President Vincente Fox rendered any action when we ask a member of his cabinet what’s been done about the border since. Has Fox’s stance on illegal immigration changed? Find out!

And, Minutemen Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist talks about his venture into the political ring.

Plus, what happens when the Border Patrol makes a capture? It’s a rare behind-the-scenes look at the processing center where illegal immigrants are taken when they’re caught crossing.

These stories and much more... don't miss "Hannity & Colmes" tonight at 9 p.m. ET!

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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