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• Disturbing new pictures from Abu Ghraib (search) prison -- Military rule says, "when in charge, take charge" -- Who can ultimately be held accountable for this alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners? Was the president kept in the dark? Were lawmakers left out of the equation?

Senators Jon Corzine, D-N.J., and George Allen, R-Va., weigh in.

• President Bush (search) apologizes for the abuse and humiliation of Iraqi prisoners — Meanwhile, John Kerry (search) criticizes the commander in chief for not knowing about the scandal earlier — But what, if anything, might the Democratic hopeful have been able to do differently if he was in the Oval Office?

Steve Murphy, former Gephardt campaign manager, and Michael Reagan, radio talk show host, join the debate.

• Could the African American vote tip the scales come November — to the Right? Might the Dems be ignoring a group of voters that could shake things up on Election Day (search)?

Oliver Kellman, radio talk show host, and Ron Daniels, of the Center For Constitutional Rights, sound off.

• And, long time talk show co-host Kathie Lee Gifford tells us about her new album -- Don't miss this!

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