Guests and Topics: June 28

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• Iraq becomes a sovereign country; 15 months after the United States led a coalition to oust Saddam Hussein (search) from power and two days before the June 30 deadline for control to be turned over to the interim Iraqi government.

What is the response from the Iraqi people? Our own Geraldo Rivera will join us with a LIVE report from Baghdad.

"This is a day we are going to take our country back into the international forum. We'd like to express our thanks to the coalition," Iraqi President Ghazi Al-Yawer (search) said. "There is no way to turn back now."

If there is no turning back, what lies ahead? Will the new government be capable of controlling the security situation? We'll get expert insight and analysis from retired Air Force Col. Mike Turner.

• Not too long ago a short-lived (search) ad sparked a firestorm of debate after using Hitler (search) in one of their anti-Bush advertisements. The ex-Nazi dictator's image again is being featured in a campaign spot, but this time it is for the Bush/Cheney camp.

Two wrongs? Or, on the contrary, might this time the message be exactly right? Bush Campaign Press Secretary Terry Holt joins the debate.

• We'll have the latest from the Peterson trial with expert legal analysis and assessment from defense attorney Mercedes Colwin and former prosecutor Paul Callan.

• Do blacks support Democrats blindly? The Rev. Wayne Perryman, author of "Unfounded Loyalty: An In-Depth Look Into the Blind Love Affair Between Blacks and Democrats," weighs in.

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