Guests and Topics: July 7

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Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has chosen his running mate. But is the team of Kerry-Edwards simply too liberal to appeal to American voters? Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell and Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson join the debate!

Plus, what can we expect from the Kerry/Edwards team in the months leading up to November? For answers we turn to two reporters who have covered John Kerry's political career for years: We'll talk with the "Boston Globe's" Michael Kranish and Nina Easton. The two are co-authors (along with a third colleague) of "John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography By The Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best."

Then, he was forced to give up his quest for the Senate when steamy allegations about his sexual life were revealed in the media. Tonight, former Illinois Republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan (search) sits down with Sean.

Plus, we'll analyze the latest developments in the Scott Peterson (search) double murder trial when criminologist Jack Levin and attorney Robert Shapiro  join the debate!

Also, Brent Bozell, III the founder and president of the Media Research Center (search) talks with Sean and Alan about his new book, "Weapons of Mass Distortion."

These stories and much more!

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—All topics and guests subject to change.