Guests and Topics: July 6

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Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (search) announced this morning that North Carolina Senator John Edwards (search) will be his vice presidential running mate.

"I am pleased to announce that with your help, the next vice president of the United States of America will be Senator John Edwards from North Carolina," Kerry told a rousing group of supporters in Pittsburgh.

Was this the right choice for Kerry? How does Edwards stack up against Vice President Dick Cheney? How important is the selection of a vice president to voters?

We'll discuss these questions and more when two former vice presidential candidates Jack Kemp and Geraldine Ferraro join the debate this evening!

Plus, the Bush/Cheney campaign unveiled a new ad today featuring the man some say was Kerry's first choice for a running mate, Arizona Republican John McCain (search), who is seen campaigning for President Bush. We'll show you the new ad and talk about it with Bush/Cheney campaign manager Ken Mehlman.

Also, independant presidential candidate Ralph Nader will weigh in on the Edwards nod.

And later, does Edwards really have the foreign policy experience needed to serve as vice president? We'll debate that question with Rep. Dick Gephardt's former campaign manager Steve Murphy and Rich Galen from

Finally, we'll list the five things that Kerry and Edwards disagree on. Get ready, our list just might surprise you!

These stories and much more!

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--The Associated Press contributed to this story.