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Sen. John Kerry (search), the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has announced his choice of vice presidential running mate. Kery will share the ticket with his Senate colleague, John Edwards (search) of North Carolina.

We'll have our trademark No Spin analysis of Kerry's announcement plus much more on all the day's developments...

• O'Reilly talked with Edwards not too long ago, we'll show you what he said when he entered the No Spin Zone...

• Democratic strategist Mary Anne Marsh and former White House Counsel Lanny Davis react to the Edwards announcement

• FNC Political Analyst and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Cheney vs. Edwards. How do the two men stack up?

Then, will two U.S. military deserters who fled to Canada be returned to the U.S.A.? We'll have a special report on what's becoming a very hot situation up North.

And later, things are also heating up in the Scott Peterson double murder trial. We'll take you to Redwood City, California for the latest.

These stories and much more!

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