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Are authorities close to making an arrest in the case of Lori Hacking (search)? Rita Cosby, host of Big Story Weekend, is in Salt Lake City with new developments.

More controversy in the high profile trials of Scott Peterson and Kobe Bryant. We get the latest on the Laci Peterson case from Stan Goldman, FOX News legal editor, and Craig Silverman, former chief deputy district attorney, on the Kobe Bryant situation.

Bill goes head to head with a Berkeley professor who called for an intifada (search).

What does John Kerry have to do now to get the swing vote? Find out from Ellis Henican, FOX News contributor and Newsday columnist

John Podesta, Bill Clinton's former chief of staff, is one of the big political players who has veered to the fringe of the Democratic Party. Podesta has said some nasty things about Bill. He finds out why.

Committed liberal Robert Reich says the media is controlled by radical conservatives, but what does Bill think? He sits down with the former labor secretary, author of "Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America."

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