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President Bush addressed the Urban League (search) today and told African-American voters "there is an alternative this year" -- him.

With polls showing an overwhelming number of black voters favoring the Democratic presidential candidate, can the president appeal to African-Americans when they step into the voting booth this fall?

We'll ask NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann (search) who has been working closely with the group "African Americans for Bush (search)."

Plus, as we head into the Democratic national convention are conservative Democrats being shut out of the convention? Former Boston Mayor and Ambassador to the Vatican Ray Flynn weighs in!

Also, we'll get a LIVE report from Iraq when the host of "War Stories" former Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North  joins us.

Then, where is a missing Utah woman? We'll have the latest on the search for Lori Hacking (search) and the mystery surrounding her disappearance when our own Geraldo Rivera and former prosecutor Wendy Murphy share their insights into the case.

And later, the Scott Peterson (search) double murder trial continues in Redwood City, California, we'll ask Geraldo and Wendy to share their views on this case as well.

Finally, don't miss Alan's special interview with former Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate George McGovern (search).

These stories and much more!

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