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Topics for Friday, July 2:

Tonight on "Hannity & Colmes" ...

• Commerce Secretary Donald Evans discusses new job numbers and joins the debate over whether today's numbers will help President Bush keep his job in November!

• Bill Cosby is making more controversial remarks. On Thursday, during an appearance at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition & Citizenship Education Fund's annual conference, the comedian told the audience that black children are running around not knowing how to read or write and "going nowhere."

He also had harsh words for struggling black men, telling them: "Stop beating up your women because you can't find a job."

We'll tell you more about what Cosby said and what others are saying about his remarks.

• Both President Bush and Sen. Kerry are running new campaign ads. Will they catch fire with  voters? We'll debate it!

• Comedy Central (search) is debuting a new "debate" show... (Hmm... Could they be trying to imitate the number one debate show on television?) We'll give you a sneak peek at "Crossballs" when the show's co-creators Matt Besser and Charlie Siskel join us.

Topics for Monday, July 5:

Here's just some of what we've got planned for tonight's show:

• More of our special interview with Michael Reagan (search), radio talk show host and son of the late president. We'll share additional memories that the 40th president's son shared with Sean and Alan not too many days after the Ronald Reagan (search) was laid to rest.

• Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (search) joins us to talk about his new book "Brothers In Arms : The Epic Story of the 761St Tank Battalion, WWII's Forgotten Heroes." The book, co-written with Anthony Walton chronicles the story of a group of African-American military heroes during World War II. Here's what Publisher's Weekly had to say about the book, "Their chronicle of Patton's Third Army stalwarts takes in the all-black tank battalion's 183 days on the front lines of the Battle of the Bulge (search), with casualty rates of almost 50%, an almost impossible supply situation, sometimes inept leadership and chronic racism that inflected nearly every move they made. ... While it will leave aficionados satisfied, this is military history that will prove compelling to anyone with an interest in black men's experience during the 20th century."

• CBS News Anchor and author Charles Osgood also

• And, how about some patriotic music to end our country's celebration of Independence Day? We'll talk with country singer Lee Greenwood and we'll introduce you to the winner of the "American Idol" of country music, singer Buddy Jewell who recently won the "Nashville Star" show.

These stories and much more!

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