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• Deposed former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein (search), as defiant as ever, appeared in an Iraqi court today at his arraignment but rejected war crimes and genocide charges against him.

A judge presented seven charges against former Iraqi dictator but an angry Saddam called the trial "theater" and charged that President Bush is the real criminal...

We'll have the latest on today's historic developments.

Plus, Saddam may have gone to court but what should be his fate? What will be the impact of Saddam's trial on the people of Iraq, throughout the Middle East and here in the United States? We'll debate it with "Treason" author Ann Coulter and civil rights attorney Michael Gross.

• The Army is asking thousands of former soldiers to put their uniforms back on to ease the strain on the service of the long military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, Army officials announced that 5,674 former soldiers — mostly people who recently left the service and have up-to-date skills in military policing, engineering, logistics, medicine or transportation — will be assigned to National Guard (search ) and Reserve units that are scheduled to deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan. The first notifications are to be received July 6 and those units will deploy to Iraq.

Is this special call-up a necessary consequence of being at war or a move that some are calling the equivalent of a "back-door draft?" We'll ask New York Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel to weigh in.

• Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (search) is proposing that illegal immigrants who've been in this country for five years be granted amnesty. Good idea or bad idea? We'll ask Linda Chavez author of "Betrayal."

• A very controversial new documentary asks a loaded question... Just who can use "the N-word?" We'll talk with Todd Williams who wrote and directed "The N-Word" and the film's Executive Producer Helen Echogoyan.

• Just what is presidential leadership? How is it defined? How would you rank our country's presidents? We'll talk with "The Wall Street Journal" Web editor James Taranto,  one of the authors of the new book, "Presidential Leadership: Rating the Best and the Worst in the White House."

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--The Associated Press contributed to this story.