Guests and Topics: January 30

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Tonight on "Hannity & Colmes" ...

• Days before the Feb. 3 South Carolina primary Sen. John Kerry (search) picks up three major endorsements from influential southern politicians. Will the senator from Massachusetts pick up a major win in the South?

We'll have political analysis, assessment and of course debate on the day's hot topics with:

• Rep. Charlie Rangel , D-N.Y.
• Former Rep. Bob Dornan
• FNC political analyst Ellis Henican

• Lawmakers and pundits have been buzzing about President Bush's drastic immigration proposals — But what has been the response from millions of undocumented immigrant workers that the plan would actually affect? And has the president's discourse actually offended some he was hoping to accommodate?

San Francisco County Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval weighs in.

• It is still the economy, stupid. But is Congress paying attention? Should someone remind Uncle Sam (search) that money doesn't grow on trees?

Steve Forbes, former presidential candidate and CEO of Forbes Inc., joins the debate.

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