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The day has arrived and Iowa Democrats will let the nation know who they think deserves their party's presidential nomination. Officials expect a caucus turnout of between 120,00 and 130,000 people — a huge spike from last year's attendance of 60,0000 — despite the expected freezing temperatures.

Public opinion polls show the race is in a statistical dead heat among four candidates: Sen. John Kerry (search), former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (search), Sen. John Edwards (search) and Rep. Dick Gephardt (search ).

Which candidate will be able to pull ahead in the last lap? And, how important will the results of tonight's race be? Will the victor be catapulted to the front of the pack in New Hampshire?

We will have complete coverage and analysis of the day's events with:

• Michael Reagan, radio talk show host
• Ed Rendell, former DNC chair and former Philadelphia mayor
• Ed Gillespie, RNC chairman
• Bill Bennett, Empower America
• Mary Anne Marsh, FNC contributor
• John Norris, Kerry Iowa state director

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