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Here's what's on tap for Friday:

• Joe Piscopo, actor and comedian
• Paul Soares, Lori Hacking's brother
• Bill Kristol, editor of "The Weekly Standard"
• Maj. Gen. Donald E. Edwards, retired, U.S. Army
• Jim Dupont, sheriff of Flathead county, Mo.
• Brad Blakeman, former deputy assistant to Presiende George H. W. Bush
• Robert Thompson, director of the Ctr for the Study of Popular Television
• Frank Farley, psychologist at Temple University
• Chris Wallace, host of "Fox News Sunday"
• John O'Sullivan, editor of "National Interest"
• John Judis, senior editor of "The New Republic"
• Kati Monahan, father of boy suspended for having piercing
• Corey Rager, boy suspended for having piercing

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change.