Guests and Topics for Oct. 16 & 17

The news doesn't stop on the weekend and neither does "FOX & Friends."

So start your weekend in the know with host Juliet Huddy, Mike Jerrick and Julian Phillips.


With the debates out of the way, the candidates shift their campaigns into high gear. Who's better positioned in this battle for the finish? We'll get the Long and Short of it with FOX News contributors Ellen Ratner and Jim Pinkerton.

We'll get a first hand update on the situation in Iraq with retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, embedded with the 24th Battalion, 6th Brigade Iraqi Intervention Force.

Caroline Rodehau, marketing manager of Gold's Gym in New York City, explains how Gold's Gym is getting physical in their fight against breast cancer.

Plus, Wednesday night's debate was all about economic efforts. But did either presidential candidate present a practical proposal? We'll get insight from Jim Rogers, author of "Adventure Capitalist" and a regular on "Cavuto on Business."

With just over two weeks to go until Election Day, what is the strategy on both sides? We'll ask Jennifer Millerwise, deputy communication director with the Bush-Cheney campaign, and Debra Deshong, senior adviser with the Kerry campaign.

The Kerry campaign is demanding the chance to respond to a critical documentary set to air on some TV stations. Does the senator have the right to an on-air rebuttal? We'll be joined by criminal defense attorney and FOX News contributor, Craig Mitnick.

A controversial comment by John Kerry about the vice president's daughter is causing quite a political stir. But are voters really concerned about this family feud? We'll ask media analyst, Dr. Steve Adubato, author of "Speak From the Heart."

Both sides go on the offensive as the candidates prep for the final weeks of the campaign. Will these attacks pay off or turn off voters? We'll get a fair and balanced debate with Kellyanne Conway, Republican pollster, and Robert Zimmerman, Democratic strategist.

Plus, John Waters, the man who brought us "Hairspray" and "Serial Mom," joins us to talk about his new film!


• Morris Reid, Democratic strategist
Former Rep. Dan Frisa, R-N.Y.
Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, FOX News contributor
• Lee Woodruff, FamilyFun magazine's contributing editor
• Eric Shawn, FOX News senior correspondent
• Douglas Brinkley, author of "Tour of Duty"
• Dr. Georgia Witkin, FOX News contributor

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