Guests and Topics for August 2 & 3

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New Saddam audiotape rallies Iraqi people to fight a guerilla war against foreign invaders. The fourth in two weeks, are these broadcasts hurting the search for Saddam and for the Weapons of Mass Destruction? We'll get the long and short of it from two of our FNC contributors, Talk Radio News bureau chief Ellen Ratner and Newsday columnist Jim Pinkerton.

A judge denies a “no show” request made by Kobe Bryant’s attorney. He is now told to appear at his primary trial next week. How will this affect the case? We'll ask FOX Sports Net's legal analyst Rob Becker.

Eliminating Saddam's sons caused a temporary lift to sagging stocks. Will the capture of their dictator dad give the economy the real boost it needs? FNC business contributor Gary B. Smith will fill us in.

The military is preparing for what Saddam Hussein (search) might look like if they encounter him. What other considerations need to be made when searching for Iraq's most wanted man? Retired Col. Richard Esau will give us some insight into this matter.

A group of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials are heading to Saudi Arabia next week to discuss the kingdom's anti-terror efforts. Will Riyadh really clamp down on terror? Joss Devon, senior analyst from The Site Institute (search), will join us from Washington to discuss the issue.

Is the defense or the prosecution in Kobe's case better prepared to head into next week's court showdown? Attorney Cecile Weich will weigh in from our D.C. bureau.

Why is Saddam communicating through tapes? Why can't he face the public? Former CIA operative Wayne Simmons has a theory on why he is hiding.

The new chief weapons hunter David Kay gave his first briefing about what he had found so far on weapons of mass destruction. Has he made solid progress and when will we have the final conclusion? We'll ask former U.N. weapons inspector Tim Trevan.


Saddam's latest audiotape forecasts defeat for U.S. troops. Will this recording enhance guerilla-type fighting forces in Baghdad? Here to give us insight into this matter is Georgia Congressman Phil Gingrey, who serves on the armed services committee.

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