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Monday, Feb. 28:

The Supreme Court considers two potentially explosive cases focusing on the Ten Commandments controversy this week. The man who found himself at the center of one of the ten commandments controversies last year, author of the new book "So Help Me God," former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore joins us with his reaction this evening!

Plus, we'll have the latest on the arrest of the alleged "BTK" killer in Kansas and we'll talk with two of his neighbors, Bill and Tina Lindsay. Was Mrs. Lindsay stalked by BTK suspect Dennis Rader (search)?

Also, opening statements begin today in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial in Santa Maria, California. We'll have reaction to today's developments when Jackson family attorney Debra Opri joins us.

Then, both former President Clinton and Senator Joe Biden praise a Hillary Clinton candidacy. What's going on here? We'll ask FNC political analyst and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris to join the debate!

And later, comedian and Oscar host Chris Rock (search) took some shots at President Bush last night and new DNC chair Howard Dean (search) also made some unusual comments about Republicans over the weekend. We'll tell you what these two guys had to say...

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