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A Year to Remember

2003 was filled with many highs and lows and Hannity & Colmes always put the hottest issues at the center of the debate. Before we jump forward into the New Year we take a look back at some of the most fiery and favorite moments of 2003 ...

Wednesday, Dec. 31

• Are Democrats flip-flopping on platforms for partisan gain? Bob Dole , former senate majority leader, weighs in.

• Dick Armey , another former senate majority leader, joins the debate.

• NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor pulls all the skeletons out of the closet in his book -- LT: Over the Edge . Taylor wooed fans and stole the show during his days as a N.Y. Giants linebacker -- But what was going on behind the scenes? He'll join us.

• Former Extra host Leeza Gibbons is making strides in the Alzheimers battle -- Especially with her "Leeza's Place" community centers dedicated to Alzheimer's patients and education about the disease. She'll tell her story.

• What is former Heavyweight Champion George Foreman throwing on the grill now? He'll tell us all about it.

Thursday, Jan. 1

• Mr. Alan Colmes enters the debate as a guest to discuss his book … will Sean go easy on him?

• He really has his work cut out for him -- So how does Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plan to turn things around in California? We'll find out.

• Alan’s exclusive interview with Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D.

• Bethany Hamilton, rising surfing star who lost her arm to a tiger shark while surfing on Halloween, discusses her inspirational story.

Friday, Jan. 2

We end the first week of the New Year with a little bit of everything — Special interviews with individuals that have different political perspectives — And one guest who knows ... 'It ain't easy being green.'

• Star Parker, President of CURE, the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education
• Actor Kelsey Grammar
• Kermit the Frog
• Lynne Cheney
, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney and author of A is for Abigail.

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