On New Year's Eve and New Year's Day... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

Wednesday, December 31:

On a special New Year's Eve edition of The Factor... wait till you see who's joining Bill in the No Spin Zone!

• Veteran sportscaster Bob Costas weighs in on steroid use in professional sports. Is an athlete who takes these steriods cheating?

Jay Bernstein, Hollywood producer/manager and Michael Cieply from The Los Angeles Times discuss celebrities who are involved with the world of organized charities. Did you know that many famous personalities, including Cher (search), Bill Cosby and even former President Gerald Ford, have actually received money and and or some very fancy perks for lending their name to a cause?

Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics (search) on the growing and intense rivalry between Democratic presidential front-runner, ex-Vermont Governor Howard Dean (search) and former first lady, Senator Hillary Clinton (search).

Simone Holcolmb, an exclusive interview with the Army medic who was nearly drummed out of the service because she refused to return to Iraq if it would mean she would lose two of her seven children in a custody dispute.

Finally, what do O'Reilly and Tom Cruise have in common? The answer might just surprise you!

Thursday, January 1:

Start your New Year off right! Watch our special New Year's Day edition of The Factor! Here are just some of the exclusive interviews we have planned for you:

• He was charged with torturing an Iraqi terrorist... We have an update on the case of Army Lieutenant Col. Allen West (search), when the Colonel's attorney Neal Puckett joins us.

• Muslim women from the Middle East are coming to the United States to give birth. Why have 23 of these women been charged with fraud in the state of Michigan?

• Why is Las Vegas being called the meanest city in the United States? Mayor Oscar Goodman defends "Sin City" in the No Spin Zone.

These stories and much more!

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