Guests and Topics: August 17

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He bashes Bush (search) on religion and says he has a plan to help the president practice what he preaches. But is the devil in the details? Joseph J. Martos, author of “May God Bless America: George W. Bush and Biblical Morality,” speaks out.

Will’s new anti-Bush ad score political points? Or, might the group have acted too swiftly to get their facts straight? FNC political analyst Susan Estrich joins the debate.

Amber Frey's testimony and tapes have been explosive -- Will there be fireworks when the tables turn and Scott Peterson’s former mistress comes under cross-examination? FOX News Legal Analyst Stan Goldman and crime reporter Aphrodite Jones assess the latest developments.

And, is an end in sight to the showdown in Najaf? We’ll get answers and the latest from the violence-stricken area.

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