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We have breaking news on Fox News. Missing 4-year-old Jessica Cortez has been found safe.
William La Jeunesse, Fox correspondent

Is the Republican party hoping a speech made about a decade ago by Senator Robert Torricelli will hurt him in this election?
Daniel Pipes, Director of the Middle East Forum, and author of the upcoming book, "Militant Islam Reaches America." And Democratic Strategist, Richard Aborn.

Is Cardinal Law partially to blame for the sex abuses in the Boston Diocese?
Mark Serrano, board of directors, SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

Is Martha Stewart out of places to hide? Michigan Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak says that it's time for the home design guru to put up or shut up and cooperate with the congressional investigators who are looking into allegations of insider trading between Stewart and ImClone CEO Sam Waksal

The jury's still deliberating in the trial of David Westerfield, who is accused of murdering Danielle Van Dam. What is taking so long?
Lis Wiehl, Fox News legal analyst
Jeralyn Merritt, defense attorney

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