Guest Hosts

If you are one of the many taking the entire week off, well, I hope you are still watching us wherever you may be!

On Thursday, we welcomed Paige Hopkins to the center square and used the highly touted Mike Jerrick to fill Doocy's seat. Mike's hair has never been redder and his wit never sharper. His weathercast was so good that we switched to weather bump-ins with a bed of music.

Our roster of guests could not have been better. Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., joined us — he's one of the few who have actually visited North Korea and helped propel missile defense as a "must have" project. Later, our favorite Superman, Dean Cain, dropped by and his passion for the news is only superseded by his passion for talking about his new MasterCard program (find out more on The winner of the happiest guest in the green room goes to the Miami Heat's Alonzo Mourning. After 12 years and a kidney transplant, Mourning came back with Miami and, along with Dwayne Wade and Shaquille O'Neal, became a world champ.

E.D. was brilliant in London as that nation remembers the July 7 bombings. She will have more on Friday and lets just all hope that Al Qaeda's threat of more attacks goes by as just plain old hot air.

Finally, please let Jerrick know that you don't appreciate when he books our guests for "DaySide." OK, maybe that's a little harsh. Mike, keep it to three a show and I'll be happy. Also, a special thanks to Big & Rich — but don't tell them we didn't get to air their last stanza of their song. Great group of guys who are lighting up the town.

Thanks for keeping us No. 1 and let us know what new and exciting things you'd like to see on the show. We are always listening to and reading what you have to say!


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