UFC 94 lived up to the hype and FOX Fight Game was right in the middle of all the action.

Georges St. Pierre lived up to his promise to beat BJ Penn, in Penn's quest to become the first fighter to hold two championship titles at two different weight classes.

GSP won the bout in convincing fashion, when Penn did not answer the horn for round 5, however Vasoline-gate caused much controversy and sparked talks of a rematch some time this year -- after GSP cornerman and Muay Thai trainer Phil Nurse rubbed Vasoline on GSP's shoulders and chest between rounds.

GSP said it was an honest mistake, and trainer Greg Jackson was quoted as saying it would be "stupid" for GSP to cheat in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, a sold out crowd and UFC cameras.

Nevertheless, BJ Penn fans would like to see a rematch.

Video: Watch FOX Fight Game's UFC 94 Coverage