Grrr! They Skipped Thanksgiving? Get Over It

Every year it's the same story, so it's about time you got over it.

Thanksgiving is a holiday. It's on the calendar. You'll get together with family and friends and have a nice turkey dinner with all the trimmings. You'll toss the football in the backyard with the cousins you haven't seen in a few months.

You'll catch up with college buddies and college-aged children.

You'll drink red wine out of jugs and out of fine bottles from the cellar. You'll eat apple and pumpkin pie and drink hot apple cider, too.

What you won't do is see Thanksgiving decorations in shopping malls around the country. You won't hear Thanksgiving Day tunes at department stores either. What you will see is Christmas decorations.

And you will hear Christmas tunes. You'll see Santa Claus taking pictures with kiddies and the malls will be filled with cotton that looks like snow drifts.

This happens every year, and every year people e-mail the Grrr! column about how Thanksgiving is always skipped, with the examples of how department stores neglect the holiday and go straight to Christmas.

But department stores and malls don't care about Thanksgiving, nor should they. You know where you'll see references to Thanksgiving? Yup — at the grocery store, where they do have a stake in the holiday.

They sell food there.

You see, Macy's doesn't sell frozen Butterballs. Bloomingdales doesn't sell Stove Top or potatoes. The Mall of America isn't going to be running two-for-one cans of cranberry sauce, either (speaking of cranberry sauce, am I the only one grossed out by the can indentations on the jellied sauce? It looks like The Blob was run over by a train).

You know where else you'll see Thanksgiving paraphernalia? Yup — at the liquor store, where they'll run specials on Yellow Tail Cabernet or Three Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's.

So stop the Grrring over the skipping of T-Day at your local mall.

Get over it.

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