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Some People Just Don't Get It

What is so hard about having a little consideration for your neighbor? Whether you're at home, on a bus or in a store — doesn't matter.

Show some &^%#!!! consideration. Let's take ring tones as an example.

Having dinner the other night in a modest chain restaurant, my ears were attacked with the sounds of ringtones from hell. Now, I'm not against ringtones. I think everybody should customize all of their products to their hearts' content. It's your money. If you want a Snoop song on your phone, by all means. If you want Bach or 50 Cent (search), I don't care.

But why does it seem like most of the customizers want everybody else to hear how customized they are?

It kind of reminds me of when I was 17 years old. I thought everybody would be soooo impressed with my oh-so-eclectic tastes in music that I'd blast my car stereo with the windows down when I pulled up to the neighborhood 7-Eleven (search). Hell, I think I might have even cued up a song just for the occasion.

Embarrassing man, embarrassing. The only consolation: I was 17.

The difference is, most of the annoying RingToners of today are adults! Oblivions!

And don't even get me started on the Loud Talkers.

Look folks, cell phone technology has advanced in so many outstanding ways. You can watch a full stream of FOX News Channel on Sprint phones these days. You can take pictures and upload them to your Web site from some phones. And you can even access your e-mail.

It's terrific what you can do with a little cell phone these days.

Now get this! These days you can even speak at a normal or a low voice — and the person you're talking to will actually hear you!

I know that this exciting new feature on cell phones just came out, so I'm doing my job as a journalist to get the word out there.

People can now hear on cell phones without the yelling!

It's newfangled technology that the fine folks at cell phone manufacturers just came out with, after years of research and development.

So, now you know.

In summary: You don't need to scream into your cell phone at all anymore — even if you want the people at the other table to know how important you are.

Butter Please

I was in Dunkin' Donuts the other day, getting a caffeine fix (like I need any more stimulation).

Anyway, some clown in front of me ordered a bagel with butter. The clerk put two pads of butter in the bagel bag, and the clown FLIPS out.

"You messing with me? Is that what you're doing? You messing with me?" he asked the clerk.

He then turned around, looking for approval from me. This is not the first time I've been in a DD line when someone had a beef with the clerk and they turned to me for some empathy, by the way. Seems like I'm an Obliviot magnet.

The guy looked at me and said, "I asked this guy for butter and this is what he gives me." I replied, "Sir, all due respect, but I couldn't care less if he put butter on your bagel or not. I'm here for a cup of coffee, not to ally with you or anybody else against some clerk."

Boy was he upset. He crumpled his wax paper bag and stormed off with his bagel and butter pads in tow.

Classic Obliviot. The thing is, people don't like to be called out on their Obivionism.

Look, nobody's perfect. In fact, I get my share of "you stink" e-mails. And sometimes I do stink. The Grrr! Column has had its moments of mediocrity, I admit that. But I can take the criticism.

Sadly, Oblivions can't see the error in their own ways (which makes them Oblivions), and instead of trying to correct their behavior, they blame us — the non-Oblivions — and march off on their not-so-merry ways.

Father's Day Grrrrecommendations

So Father's Day is coming up, and in lieu of an overpriced card, here are some GrrRecommendations for This Week In Grrr!:

"The Games Do Count" by ("FOX & Friends" co-host) Brian Kilmeade: Inspirational stories from our nation's headliners who credit sports activities with having a major influence on their lives.

"Hammerjack" by Marc D. Giller: This fictional thriller is a good one for the dad who loves science fiction. Giller was a "Stupid Lit'l Dreamer" subject a few weeks ago, and he'll appear on "The Real Deal" and "FOX Magazine" soon.

"Aero-Flex" weed-eater head: If dad likes to whack the weeds and he has a gas trimmer (not one that plugs in), the Aero-Flex is awesome. I featured this brand in a previous column and have received numerous responses from people thanking me for turning them on to it.

Of course, a nice bottle of Cabernet or Scotch or a simple hug can work just as well.

Happy Father's Day, everyone.

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