GRRR! O.J. Simpson Tops Oblivion List

It was a close race between O.J. and Britney for Oblivion of the Year, but after all the votes were tallied, the classless, aging football anti-hero beat out the booty-flashing, aging pop tart.

Simpson won with 41 percent of the vote, eking out a victory over Spears, who tallied 39 percent. Madonna was third with 13 percent, while Mel Gibson and Michael Richards barely registered, with just 3 percent and 4 percent respectively.

It seems anti-Semitism (Gibson) and racism (Richards) aren't as Grrr'ing as trying to profit from your wife's gruesome murder (that you may or may not have committed but you know how you would have, if you did it — O.J.), or flashing your private parts to the paparrazzi (Britney).

There were also a lot of write-in nominations, but none more than for Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump, together.

While the two engaged in a war of words last week in the press -- each one bettering the other on occasion -- from the e-mails I've been seeing, neither emerged the winner.

Instead, they both come out looking like losers.

Many of you are Grrr'd over the childish behavior exhibited by the talk show host and the game show host — errr, the stand-up comic and the real estate salesman — errr, the actress and the tycoon.

It was the stuff of schoolyards wasn't it? I kept waiting for Donald to tell Rosie to meet him at the jungle gym at 3 o'clock. Plus, my pal Dave Manning says watching "The View" is akin to watching the divorced women's group hold their weekly meeting in "Jerry Maguire."

Another frequent write-in nomination was that of the news media itself, with many of you Grrr'ing the fact that all news agencies had reported on Britney Spears's no-underwear act, Miss USA Tara Conner's news conference with the Donald, and then the feud between Donald and Rosie — in their hard news sections — asking: Since when is a pantyless washed-out star, a coke sniffing dumb blond pageant winner, and a war of words between two blowhards news?

A very good question indeed. Such things are better left to the gossip pages and The Grrr! column, if you ask me.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was also nominated a few times for runner-up Oblivion status, for calling President George W. Bush "el diablo" during an address to the United Nations, whose delegates could barely contain their joy at the moniker.

Rounding out the list of write-in nominations were Durham, N.C., District Attorney Mike Nifong, who dropped rape charges against three Duke lacrosse players Friday but moved forward with kidnapping charges. One has to wonder what Nifong is thinking, if he's thinking at all.

And Tom Cruise, the world's biggest star who suffered the world's biggest public image implosions ever witnessed in real time. Those sunglasses in "Mission Impossible" weren't the only things in Cruise's hands to self-destruct.

He single-handedly destroyed 20 years of good image and public adoration with his bizarre behavior surrounding his religion, his relationships and his lectures about the practice of psychiatry.

If Cruise continues on this path, Viacom chief Sumner Redstone might not be the only boss to kick him to the curb. With all of the bad press associating Cruise with Scientology, imagine if the gurus at Scientology banished him from the posh Celebrity Center in Hollywood?


Another interesting write-in was for the term "political correctness." My correspondent, from Baltimore, wonders whether the term needs to be updated, because while its original intentions were honorable, the term is so negative these days that maybe it's time for a new term that says "hey, we're all invited to the party."

One that encourages inclusion without excluding anybody, namely the majority.

Finally, Mike in Wisconsin says, "I'm taking the Time Magazine stand this year! The biggest Oblivion of the year is YOU! All of you cell phone while driving users, tailgaters, unruly shoppers, rude cashiers, greedy charities, dishonest politicians, Crooked CEO's, instant billionaires, terrorist wannabe's, government waste, arrogant athletes, stupid celebrities, etc. etc."

Ahhh, it's good to Grrr, isn't it?

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